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Wood and furniture lacquering


Wood and furniture lacquering

Part of our carpentry company is also lacquering, where we offer various wood and furniture surface treatments. Lacquering solid wood, veneer or spraying to a high gloss and subsequent polishing. A special treatment for the appearance of the patina is not a problem for us either.

You can see the results of our various surface treatments in the section Projects that were surface treated by our company.


Price list of surface works

Sealing and sanding the wooden surface --- 11€/m2
Sealing and sanding the wooden edge --- 1€/m
Wood staining --- 9€/m2
Painting the base layer --- 11€/m2
Sanding the base layer surface --- 5€/m2
Sanding the base layer of the edge --- 1,5€/m
Painting the top layer (transparent) --- 13€/m2
Painting the top layer (according to RAL) --- 16€/m2
High gloss (sanding wood surface + edges, 2x base layer, sanding base layers, painting top layer, polishing) --- 135€/m2
Wood oiling 2 layers (sanding wood surface + edges, 2x oiling) --- 35€/m2
Wood patination
Wood waxing

wood lacquering

We also offer delivery of finished, painted parts.
Price from €1,5/km depending on order size and distance

wood lacquering
wood lacquering
wood lacquering
wood lacquering

Other carpentry services

In addition to painting and various surface treatments, we also provide veneers pressing on the required large-area base material (chipboard, MDF, plywood). We also offer a CNC processing and CNC milling of wood.

Veneers pressing --- 9,5€/m2
Pressing of HPL foil --- 12€/m2
Sanding the wooden surface on wide belt sander (minimum length 40 cm, maximum width 130 cm) --- 1,80€/m2
CNC machining & CNC milling --- 40€/h


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