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31years of honest craftsmanship - custom furniture production since1992


TOMOS - About us

luxusná knižnica

Our main focus:

  • Classic interior and exterior
  • Luxury solid wood furniture, luxury high end furniture
  • Rustic solid wood kitchens
  • Bespoke luxury furniture - tailor made furniture
  • Luxury custom furniture for demanding
  • Exclusive and luxurious interiors

Are you looking for design interior furniture, design interior, exclusive furniture? We will design, manufacture and professionally assemble a complex interior according to your requirements.

Manufacture of furniture and atypical interiors

The custom woodworking company TOMOS is an artistic custom carpentry focused on the production of custom-made furniture, custom-made kitchens, or the furnishing of atypical custom-made interiors. In cooperation with a number of architects and design companies that deal with the design and furnishing of interiors, exteriors and furniture, we will combine your interior in a modern or classic style and provide comprehensive interior design. We have extensive experience in creating exclusive, luxurious and premium interiors in private residences, offices, embassies, ministries, castles, manors, apartments, hotels, restaurants, showrooms and other representative spaces. We participated in the implementation of successful projects mainly in Slovakia, Austria, especially Vienna, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany and Switzerland. Do not hesitate to look at our realizations and be inspired by what your interior, kitchen, dining room, living room, guest room, bathroom, study or custom-made library could look like.

Luxury alpenchalet
traditional craft

Traditional handicraft carpentry

To achieve the highest quality and durability of our products, we use the highest quality materials from leading suppliers. We produce from a large range of solid wood available on the market, as well as from a wide range of rare veneers. Solid furniture can be made from different types of wood, each of which has its own unique properties, wood pattern and hardness. Solid wood is beautiful and has its value. The quality of solid wood determines the appearance and durability of the furniture. The price is higher compared to other materials used in carpentry, but in the long term it is worth investing in wood. We most often use walnut, oak, ash, maple. The surface treatment is chosen according to the customer's wishes, whether it is oiling, varnishing or polishing with shellac polishing, thanks to our leading Austrian partner ADLER, who has more than 10,000 items in the product range. We offer a wide range of surface treatments and special effects such as brushing, patination, gilding.


Our preferences

1. The delivery of the interior really corresponds to our design and drawing documentation

2. We have been operating on the market for almost 3 decades - we have extensive experience in solving challenging challenges in furnishing interiors and exteriors

3. We have excellent CNC technology, which allows any wood processing and we also control the classic carpentry craft

4. We guarantee long-term service and warranty

5. We have an understanding for your desires and together with the architects we will create masterpiece

6. We will make your interior timeless and long-term - it is a life investment

7. You do not have to worry about complications - you can use our long-term experience, we will be happy to help you with everything

8. We will realize practically anything you can dream of

9. You will be long term satisfied


In our projects you will also find:

If you are looking for a modern design or wood paneling walls, do not hesitate to look at the realizations of our sister companies.

  • Modern interior
  • Modern custom furniture
  • Modern custom wardrobes, modern custom closets
  • Modern custom kitchens

  • Manufacture and assembly of wood paneling walls
  • Wood paneling ceiling & wood beamed ceiling
  • Modern and rustic wood paneling
  • Wood paneling exterior - log cladding

modern design wood paneling walls
CNC technology

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